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Fire Emblem Tiki

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Fire Emblem Character Spotlight: Tiki

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Sie sind zufällig ausgewählt worden, um an einer kurzen Umfrage teilzunehmen. Nintendo 3DS Hey! Tomodachi Life. The Legend of Zelda. Als "Legendärer Drache" gleicht sie ihrer jugendlichen Drachenform, ist jedoch golden. Boons +DEF: Typically the best option for Tiki, as it capitalizes on her strong Defense and turns her into an excellent physical wall. +ATK: Not ideal for tank setups due to being counterproductive with Aether’s healing, but incredibly potent for budget or damage-focused sets. +RES: With a +RES boon, Tiki is capable of running a solid mixed tank set for maximum coverage. 6/19/ · Tiki is a Manekete that is the boss of chapter players must embark on a quest to destroy the resurrected dark dragon Medeus in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. Genres:Strategy. Tiki and Ninian can leverage the Heavy Blade Sacred Seal to an incredibly potent extent for rapidfire Special activations but given that this is a highly coveted seal, Email updates for Fire Emblem Heroes. Sign-up for other newsletters here. Popular Pages Today. 1 . Ultimately, Tiki is a powerful unit whose strengths greatly outweigh her weaknesses. She is surprisingly versatile despite her stat spread, allowing her to fit into pretty much any team. Her easy availability as a * summon means that she is an excellent candidate for long-term merge and endgame considerations. Fire Emblem Heroes is a mobile phone app developed by Intelligent Systems. The game was launched on Android and iOS devices on February 2, in territories worldwide. 1 Development Community Relationship Game Service in Belgium 2 Plot Book I Book II Book III Book IV Book V 3 Gameplay Units and Team Building Combat Modes 4 Characters 5 Chapters 6 Voice. CG artwork of Tiki being brainwashed by Gharnef in Shadow Dragon. CG artwork of Tiki lying in a fetal position as she is encircled by Naga's body in Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem. CG artwork of Tiki confessing her feelings to the Robin in Awakening. Tiki's Divine Dragon form in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE. Amongst the dragons, Tiki’s defining traits are her Speed and her balanced stats. With just a bit of investment, Tiki can boost her Speed high enough to avoid a good number of doubles, while still maintaining solid mixed bulk to maintain her survivability. The introduction of Breath of Fog gives Tiki even more options. Tiki is the first character in Fire Emblem Heroes to receive two summer-themed swimsuit variant costumes. The Adult version of Tiki received one in Summer as part of the Ylissean Summer banner, while the younger Tiki received such a variant in Summer as part of the A Sketchy Summer banner.

It is important to increase Tiki's attack as she is mainly an offensive unit. Additionally, her Atk is a superboon so you should take advantage of it as much as possible.

Her Res is of less importance so it can be safely taken as a bane. At this point, Tiki's Atk stat will reach monstrous levels so she will be able to make use of the 1.

Source Heroes for All Skills. Halloween Tiki Young 's weapon cannot currently be refined. This section will be updated if it becomes refineable in the future!

About the Weapon Refinery. Therefore, when not accounting for the Weapon Triangle , the amount of damage she deals will be equivalent to her Atk minus the foe's Res stat.

Halloween Tiki Young is under the category of harmonized heroes. They have access to a unique harmonized skill which is very similar to duo skills.

You can activate harmonized skills by pressing the the harmonized skill button. Because this harmonized unit features both Tiki and Ninian, they can qualify for bonus scores in all of the games where these two show up!

In addition to providing offensive buffs, this harmonized skill also refreshes an allies action even if they possess Sing or Dance!

Read more about the skill below or in the skills section. There are a lot of powerhouses from these titles such as Spring Idunn and Legendary Chrom so this can be a great skill depending on the circumstances.

The skill does not have any additional trigger requirements besides the one mentioned above. It is a combat buff, meaning, it can be easily stacked with other buffs and it does not make the target units susceptible to panics and chills.

She is now easily capable of destroying ranged units that have lopsided defenses like Brave Lyn and Felicia. Tiki is capable of running a solid mixed tank build, thanks to her breath weapon being refinable, as well as doubling down on her Defense to be an solid physical wall.

In either case, being doubled will exacerbate the effects. Ultimately, Tiki is a powerful unit whose strengths greatly outweigh her weaknesses.

She is surprisingly versatile despite her stat spread, allowing her to fit into pretty much any team. Regardless of whether she runs with a physical tank or mixed tank set, Tiki is an excellent defensive unit that can be tenaciously difficult to take out.

One of the few perks of being infantry is having access to Infantry Pulse and Infantry Rush - this allows Tiki to alter sections of her builds, such as replacing Quickened Pulse or running higher cooldown Specials.

Namely, her movement pales in comparison to cavalry and fliers, and she is susceptible to effective damage from Poison Dagger users. While Tiki has great budget build options, the fact remains that her optimal setups are very high investment; Aether and Steady Breath can be very difficult to come by.

Pretty simple tank Tiki build, where she can pull off an enemy phase nuke. Simple, yet effective. But be aware of units that have Moonbow or Luna, as both of those crits basically shut you down.

Reposition When I need to get my dancer out of harm's way, I go behind them to reposition them so I can take the hit instead.

You can, if you wish, use Luna or Ignis or something like that. No worries though, as with vantage, you're gonna hit first, and usually kill them.

This can work against you, though, as it can make the enemies' crit charge before yours does and lead to your death, so be cautious.

Odd Res Wave 3 Res is your second weakest stat only after speed and you're gonna want to be able to tank a lot fo things.

If you aren't using anything that enhances your res, it's most likely that blue breath or blue tome units are gonna mess you up in the long run.

If you're on an odd turn, though, you can tank most blue tomes or breaths by using this on 3. Speed is Tiki's weakest stat, and by using this, it eliminates the need to make a speed build even though nobody would, anyway.

Tiki has the same class paths as Nowi and she needs to aquire skills from those to make her a good manakete. She has incredible Luck, Skill, and Defense.

She's considered to be the worst mother for Morgan on the grounds that she does not give a second child, and she gives an unnecessary Dragon weakness to Morgan regardless of class.

But her fanboys still marry her every playthrough Tiki is very popular on the grounds that she's a manakete that's not a loli and she has great funbags.

Her biggest obsessors UnknownUber and Ephraim8 caused a huge debate on who will be paired with her, this was one of the key factors that led to the new way pairongs are assigned.

A summer-themed variation of adult Tiki was made available between the period of June 30, through August 1, as part of the summoning event surrounding the launch of the Ylissean Summer update, the update where this variation was added to the game; a summer variation of young Tiki was made available between the period of July 10, through August 10, as part of the summoning event surrounding the A Sketchy Summer update.

A variation of young Tiki termed "Legendary Dragon" was first made available to players on September 28, as the game's eleventh Legendary Hero.

A corrupted variation of young Tiki, based on her brainwashing by Gharnef in Shadow Dragon , was first made available to be summoned by players on May 10, as part of the summoning event surrounding the launch of the A Home Unknown update.

A Halloween variation of young Tiki was made available between the period of October 8, through November 8, as part of the summoning event surrounding the launch of the Dragons Harvest update; this variation is a Harmonized Hero, carrying a dual-credit with The Blazing Blade as a result of being paired up with that game's Ninian.

The corrupted version of young Tiki alongside a similar variation of female Corrin introduced in the same update notably bring colorless breath into the normal summoning pool, a weapon type not available in the game at its initial launch and previously exclusive to the Legendary Hero variaton of female Robin and the Mythic Hero Duma.

Initial Stats Level 40 Stats. During the main story Tiki, with Marth , Caeda and Navarre , abruptly appears during the ending of Chapter 14 to assist Rowan and Lianna in retreating from the area.

Marth's group receives the shortest amount of spotlight before joining, having virtually none, compared to the other recruited characters from Awakening and Fates.

It is unclear how Tiki and the others were informed that the twins needed rescue and neither the main story or her supports with any characters appear to ever elaborate on it.

Tiki accompanies Aytolis's forces for the rest of the story and aids in the defeat of Velezark. Upon Velezark's defeat the portals to other worlds begin closing and Marth, along with all the other heroes, are forcibly returned to their home worlds.

Initial Stats Maximum Stats. In her childhood, Tiki disliked eating vegetables in their raw state, which led Bantu to take up vegetable pickling in a bid to have them in a form Tiki liked eating.

Tiki, Divine princess She lived her days happily, warmly surrounded by the citizens of Pales. Tiki, Dragon Scion Tiki lived a peaceful life with Bantu.

She spoke fondly of her adventures with Marth, even long after they had ended. Tiki - Divine Princess Tiki lived happily in the palace town, surrounded by her dearest friends.

Afterward, she was said to come down and visit the people regularly. Scholars, poets, and bards agreed on one thing alone—he loved his wife, Tiki, above all else.

There, with everyone's help, Tiki held a live concert. Before a massive audience, she sings "This World Isn't an Illusion", a song tied to her memories of Itsuki, with all her heart.

The faint glimmer twinkling in the audience may be the first new flicker of Performa Tiki, Virtual Empath Completed two of Tiki's side stories Tiki and the others returned to their world and committed their adventures to a script.

Their singing and acting was admittedly clumsy, but the denizens of their world applauded their efforts, and it became the first step in reviving the arts in their lands.

Wherever the group went, a new delicacy was introduced to the locals almost overnight: a fried ring of sweet dough. Tiki, Troubled Uta-loid Completed one of Tiki's side stories After Tiki and the others returned to their world, they wrote a record of their adventures in order to one day fulfill their promise to Itsuki—a story they called the Tome of Mirages.

It spread all over their world, attracting interest toward the performing arts. Tiki, Mirage Uta-loid Completed none of Tiki's side stories After defeating the Shadow Dragon, Tiki and the others returned to their world, but the Uta-loid Tiki still continued to receive updates and patches, and remained a cultural icon and favorite of the public.

Tiki's popularity lasts even after Enter-Kingdom, and she eventually becomes a virtual idol known worldwide. Tiki appears as a collectible trophy in Super Smash Bros.

Lucina also has an alternate color scheme matching Tiki's Awakening appearance. Tiki is currently featured on sixteen cards in Fire Emblem Cipher ; this count includes Tiki's child, adult, and Uta-loid incarnations.

The two variations of card BHN are listed separately below due to having different single continental denotations between them; as the two have the same epithet-name combination, they are considered to be the same card by the rules of Cipher.

Normal Cipher Sai '18 Promo. A descendant of the divine dragon tribe, rulers of the Manakete dragon tribe. The people revere her as an oracle, the Voice of the divine dragon Naga.

She has lived for thousands of years and even fought as a friend alongside the Hero-King Marth. She is intelligent and thoughtful, but she can also be prone to curious leaps in logic, as well as sudden bouts of sleepiness.

Her foul moods upon being awakened have become the stuff of legend among the rest of the army. She joins Chrom to restore peace using the power of the Fire Emblem, a treasure of the Halidom of Ylisse that is said to be able to grant wishes.

As part of a collaboration coinciding with the release of Fire Emblem Heroes , a T-shirt featuring Tiki's younger incarnation as she appears in Heroes was made available in Miitomo.

Between February 3rd and March 2nd, , users had the opportunity to purchase the shirt in several colors from the Miitomo Shop. Ultimate , using recycled voice clips from Fire Emblem Heroes.

She transforms into her dragon form, flies to the corner of the stage, and attacks with her flame breath.

Additionally, Tiki appears as two spirits, one as her child incarnation and one as her adult. Tiki is an Advanced Neutral-type spirit , using her art from Shadow Dragon.

When equipped by a playable character, Tiki grants three support spirit slots. Attack: Defense: Power: Tiki can be enhanced when she reaches level 99, becoming Tiki Naga's Voice.

She is an Ace Neutral-type spirit, using her art from Awakening. When equipped by a playable character, Tiki Naga's Voice grants three support spirit slots and increased resistance to fire- and explosion-based attacks.

Used in Super Smash Bros. Tiki; in the Super Smash Bros. Great work! Reply 1 like. Birgu Oct 29, Scuri Oct 29, I love you forever for this.

Thank you. Please looking forward to future work and support the writer, too Scuri Oct 30, Skill Sets. Prepare for Trouble, Make it Double!

General Offense Build by lordhelpme. Despite not doing anything to boost their Speed, Sturdy Impact remains a potential alternative as well to make initiating combat much safer.

Although their B slot options are restricted substantially due to their flying status, Tiki and Ninian still have a few good skills to consider.

Combined with Frostfire Breath, this lets them kill virtually anything they can double. With Everyone! Tiki and Ninian can leverage the Heavy Blade Sacred Seal to an incredibly potent extent for rapidfire Special activations but given that this is a highly coveted seal, anything that further augments at least one of their offensive stats will also work.

To Protect the World From Devastation! Aether Raids Vantage Build by lordhelpme.

Featured Update Arena Team Building. DEF Gray Dragon.
Fire Emblem Tiki Fire Dragons will 2HKO her, and while Mage Dragons do only a small amount of damage, her low HP can leave her vulnerable if she engages too many at once. Attack: Defense: Power: Lost during my endless sleep Breath of Life 2. Legendary Tiki Young. 6 Nations free! Namely, her movement pales in comparison to cavalry Praesepe fliers, and she is susceptible to effective damage from Poison Dagger users. Please help improve the page by adding information. Intertops Sportwetten Please, stop this madness. Key stats worth increasing through nature if possible. I shall be the judge! Choose a card in your hand with a Promotion Cost that has same name as that ally, then Class Change the selected ally with the chosen card. In Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon und dem Nachfolger Mystery of the Emblem ist Tiki noch ein Kind und entsprechend unschuldig und naiv. Sie freundet sich mit. Fire Emblem Awakening. Tiki - Die Stimme. Vom Krieg erschöpft kehrte Tiki zum Gelände der Wyrmgöttin zurück und schlief mehrere Tage. Danach, so heißt es. In Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon rettete er Tiki, die von bösen Schergen manipuliert wurde, und stellte sie unter seinen Schutz. © Nintendo / INTELLIGENT. amiibo Fire Emblem Tiki - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei bestellen!


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