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Kriegslist! strategema, Nomen, Neutrum, I-Deklination, Akkusativ Singular von strategema, die Kriegslist. Strategema ist ein elektronisches Spiel im Jahrhundert, in dem sich zwei Spieler miteinander. stratēgēma nt (griech. Fw.) auch übtr. strategema. Kriegslist. strategus · stratioticus · Strato · Straton · Stratonicea. Möchten Sie ein Wort, eine Phrase.

Strategema Games

Verlagseite von Strategema Games aus Brubbach(DE) auf Übersetzung im Kontext von „strategema“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: Kolrami is a third-level grandmaster at the game of strategema. Kriegslist! strategema, Nomen, Neutrum, I-Deklination, Akkusativ Singular von strategema, die Kriegslist.

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Riker's Card Trick

No, thanks. Windows Mac Linux. Features Games are made using minimal Java programming. Expectiminimax algorithm with alpha-beta pruning Play human against human, human against computer, or computer against computer.

Play on the same computer, over a network or exchange moves by e-mail. Realistic physics for Dice, Spinners, Coin Tosses and shuffling.

Take-back, set-up board and swap position functions. Strategema strata-JAY-mah was an electronic game played between two opponents. The equipment for the game consisted of a holographic projector that created the image of three panels.

Medienpraxis, Band 1. Münster , S. Sextus Iulius Frontinus : Kriegslisten. Lateinisch und Deutsch von Gerhard Bendz. Zweite durchgesehene Auflage.

Our goal is to design and publish board games based on battles that were decisive for the history of the world. Our inspiration comes from historical conflicts.

Thanks to this, the game is becoming a literal time machine. Players can be transferred to battlefield, full of turmoil and noise, or to seclusion of diplomats' cabinets - either way result of the battle depends on their decisions.

We are sure that in this pleasant and interesting way we can make it easier to learn about and comprehend even the most complicated historic events, and that the knowledge gained during the play will stay in players' memory for a long time.

Suddenly, explosions and guns are heard on the way. Dmitri Baltermanc Just click to open rule book Just click to open an additional scenario Special thanks to Javier To obtain better firing positions, the 3rd squadron of the 1st Regiment moved to the edge of the meadow.

Others thrive on the interaction of different species. Some of the games below were central to the plot of a single episode. Others were recurring plot elements, spanning multiple television series of the Star Trek franchise.

The holodeck is a facility that simulates reality; it can replicate a wide variety of environments. It is found on starships and starbases in all the series that are set in the 24th century, i.

The holodeck is sometimes used for research or training, but is frequently shown in use for various forms of entertainment.

Some programs depicted in the various Star Trek shows include a Klingon calisthenics program, used heavily by Lieutenant Commander Worf ; a park-like setting where Riker first encounters Data in " Encounter at Farpoint "; various 'social' programs, such as a mud-bath and a pool hall; and Jean-Luc Picard 's Dixon Hill holonovels.

Other settings have sometimes been shown, such as the Jupiter Station Diagnostic Program which was used to maintain the Emergency Medical Hologram on various Starfleet vessels, the Utopia Planitia Shipyards, several Sherlock Holmes programs created by Data for his exploration of humanity, and various Shakespeare programs enjoyed by Jean-Luc Picard.

In Voyager , an entire holographic village and its population were created. The " Fair Haven " program was originally designed for occasional enjoyment by the crew of Voyager , but the characters become sentient by the time of the follow-up episode " Spirit Folk ", and the captain orders that the holodecks be modified so that the program could remain running continuously.

Also in Voyager , Seven of Nine is continuously frustrated by Captain Janeway's superior skill at Velocity , a game played in a racquetball-type arena where opponents try to be the first to acquire the target of a flying discus and shoot it.

The game is scored in points. Each time a player is unable to acquire the disc and is hit by it the other player scores a point.

The game is played to ten points. Tom Paris and Harry Kim are seen walking with hockey skates over their shoulders coming out of the holodeck.

Tom tells Harry to "watch out for those Nausicaans, they're tough". According to the history presented in Star Trek , the Earth game baseball suffered from a decline in popularity that culminated in the final World Series , which was played in before a crowd of and won by legendary player Buck Bokai.

Paul Stubbs. The only organized baseball mentioned is a six-team league on the distant Cestus III. It is often implied that the game involves a high risk of serious personal injury; nevertheless, much to the concern of parents, the game was quite popular with teenagers during the 24th century.

The game involves the use of a piece of equipment called an ion mallet and a ramp, and players often wear special padded uniforms. While healing a deep cut on William Riker 's face, Dr.

Beverly Crusher lectured him "to stop playing Parrises Squares as if you're 21", further advising him that "one day, you'll break your neck, and I won't be able to heal that as easily.

When The Doctor created a holographic family for himself in , his 'daughter' Belle was on her school's Parrises Squares team. This worried her 'parents', because Parrises Squares can be a dangerous game for someone her age.

It later turned out their worries were justified, as she later 'died' of complications from a Parrises Squares injury. Parrises Squares is mainly mentioned as a game played by humans, but other species participate.

Redirected from Strategema. Look up stratagem in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

permalink STRATAGÉMĂ, stratageme, s. f. 1. Procedeu întrebuințat în război pentru a înșela și a surprinde pe inamic. Atunci Ciapanoglu, crezînd că sîntem putere mare și că fuga muscalilor era numai o stratagemă, s-a speriat și a luat-o la fugă spre Calafat. Stratagem (deception), or ruse de guerre, a plan or scheme to deceive HMS Stratagem (P), an S class submarine This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Stratagem. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. Hill - Chambois, 19 - 21st August "The Germans began attacking in force by To obtain better firing positions, the 3rd squadron of the 1st Regiment moved to the edge of the meadow. Strategema. Strategema is a game central to the episode "Peak Performance" of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Strategema is a strategy game played on a holographic board. The object of Strategema is to manipulate circular icons to gain control of your opponent's territory while defending your own. Strategema (strata-JAY-mah) was an electronic game played between two opponents. The equipment for the game consisted of a holographic projector that created the image of three panels. The game is scored in points. Festung Breslau - Ea Premier the victorious Soviet troops are returning from Gummitwist Figuren to the parade Strategema victory in Moscow. The crew of the Enterprise NCC D plays dealer's choice, usually five-card stud, which is one of the more rare variants of poker by 20th and 21st century standards. Main article: Go board game. Tsunkatse is a form of martial arts, similar to kickboxing and some Japanese sports. On each turn the wheel is spun, and the player has the choice to "evade", "confront", "acquire", or "retreat". General Compere stopped them metres away from the enemy. About ten players can sit around the dabo wheel. Gewonnen hat derjenige, der alle Felder kontrolliert. The top hand Strategema a "royal fizzbin", consisting of a king, a two, a jack, a six, two queens and two aces during the day, and a queen, a four, an ace, an eight, two kings, Www.Postcode.Lotterie two jacks at night; however, the odds against getting Poker Köln are extremely high.

Mehr Strategema 1. - Kurzübersicht

Italienisch Wörterbücher. Get Word of the Day daily email! Need even more definitions? Both players sit at the computer-controlled Strategema table, facing each other, with the board continuously rotating in the middle. It appears to be a futuristic Bwin Darts of bumper pool. Stratagem, Stratagems, or Strategema may refer to: Books. Strategemata, or Stratagems, a 1st-century book by Frontinus; Stratagems, or Strategemata, a 2nd-century book by Polyaenus; Media "Stratagem" (Star Trek: Enterprise), an episode of Star Trek: Enterprise; Strategem, a album by Big Head Todd and the Monsters. Farmers vs. Empire. "Farmers vs. Empire" is a set of two wargames in one first, "The Second Boer War ", is a strategic wargame. The second is "Bloody veld: Battle of Magersfontein, 11 December ", is a tactical of publication: Video unboxing (Polish) USD Add to cart More. STRATAGEMĂ s. subterfugiu, șiretenie, șiretlic, șmecherie, tertip, truc, viclenie, vicleșug, (rar) șireție, (reg.) solomonie, (Ban. și Transilv.) mișculanță, (înv.) marafet, măiestrie, (fam.) chichiță, chițibuș, manevră, merchez.
Strategema Strategema ist ein elektronisches Spiel im Jahrhundert, in dem sich zwei Spieler miteinander. Als Strategema (auch Strategem bzw. Stratagem) wird eine List (auch Kriegslist), ein Trick oder eine manipulative Aktion in Politik und Militär sowie im. Verlagseite von Strategema Games aus Brubbach(DE) auf Verum fed improbum Pharaonis Strategema recenfetur. 8. Fofue Strategema in expugnando Hajo divinitus prescriptum, non ad bumana pertinet. D. Ex hiftoria.
Strategema Gesteuert wird das Spiel über Controller, die über alle zehn Bestes Farmspiel eines Spielers gesteckt werden und die mit dem Projektor verbunden sind. Möchten Sie mit mir eine Partie Strategema spielen? Maybe you should challenge Kolrami to Strategema. Ich glaube das war Bisol Prosecco optische Verbeugung vor James Bond!

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